Late Models

398733_125762384254216_929103882_n  Running From Nothing Development’s flagship series in the mod is always undergoing state of the art graphical and physics update to stay the #1 short track racing mod in rFactor! With real engine telemetry and spot on track development you feel everything that the driver’s out at your local track experience. The Late Models do not only race realistically but also look realistic with brand new models as of 2013 bringing a look that no other asphalt short track racing mod group has brought. Being the first series RFND has released for the mod, RFND remains committed to updating this series with the latest ever changing updates in racing.

3 Different Late Model Divisions!

Crate Late Model

Crate Late Models (CLM) in Weekend Warriors are built off the American Canadian Tour (ACT) rule book! ACT is the most popular CLM series in the nation! Based in the northeast region ACT has gained such popularity the series was invited to travel all the way to New Smyrna, Florida to participate in the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing, many teams took the chance to travel to such a large event for their own special 3 day show in which they ran a 100 lap race each of their 3 days there. Race teams, officials, and fans could be seen on social media talking about how ACT put on some of the best racing that entire week at a track they had never been to and completely outside their region for the tour! Currently the biggest race on the ACT schedule is ACT’s Invitational race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) in Loudon, New Hampshire. ACT runs 50 laps at NHMS as the CLM division puts on a heck of show running up to 3 and 4 wide on such a large track with such limited power. Below is some information about the CLM division in Weekend Warriors:

  • GM 603 Crate Engine 355hp 443ft-lbs Torque!
  • 2,800lbs Minimum Weight!
  • 57.0% Maximum Left Side Weight!
  • Stock GM Standard 3 Speed Transmission!
  • Maximum Sway Bar Diameter 1.75in!
  • KONI 30 Series Spec Shocks

Late Model Stock Car

The Late Model Stock Car (LMSC) division is designed off the rule book for NASCAR’s LMSC division! This is a division you normally see across large portions of the USA at NASCAR Home Tracks, this division also races for national points in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series. This division also is very popular in the heart of “NASCAR Country” which consists of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. At the beginning of the year and end of the year during some big special events in Florida you can see LMSC teams traveling south to race in certain Pro Late Model events such as the Pro Late Model portion of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Florida or the Snowflake 100 as part of Snowball Derby Weekend at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. Throughout the year there are other special events LMSC teams run such as the Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia and the Battle at the Beach at Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Battle at the Beach was first run on the back stretch of Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida. Below is some information about the LMSC division in Weekend Warriors:

  • Crate Engine 355hp 443ft-lbs Torque 2,950lbs Minimum Car Weight!
  • Built Engine 595hp 587ft-lbs Torque 3,100lbs Minimum Car Weight!
  • Penske or Advanced Racing Suspension (ARS) Adjustable Shock Options!
  • 4 Speed Transmission!

Super Late Model

Super Late Models (SLM), the highest tier of Late Model racing! RFND chose a very popular sanction to get SLM rules and specifications from that does not just cover 1 region. Pro All Star Series (PASS) has 2 SLM tours known as PASS North and Pass South. PASS runs all over the eastern side of North America from Canada all the way down to the southeastern region of the USA. Although the SLM division in Weekend Warriors is built off the PASS rule book many SLM tours across North America run by such similar rules it allows teams to travel just about where ever they want in order to race with minimal changes. In the SLM community the biggest race of the year ends the racing season each year in a huge way with drivers traveling from every major SLM Series and every region in North America to the half mile Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida for The Snowball Derby. The Snowball Derby is a massive 300 lap race featuring the best SLM drivers in North America! Some drivers race in this event while being on driver development teams affiliated with NASCAR teams and this event is kick start to their future NASCAR career, other drivers such as retired or even current NASCAR drivers have this 1 event as a bucket list item to complete during their racing career! Below is some information about the SLM division in Weekend Warriors:

  • 4 Engine Options!
  • Equalizer SLM Engine 4brl 600cfm Carb and 2,800lbs Minimum Car Weight!
  • Equalizer SLM Engine 2brl 500cfm Carb and 2,750lbs Minimum Car Weight!
  • GM Fastburn 400 Crate Engine 4brl 650cfm Carb and 2,700lbs Minimum Car Weight!
  • Ford D347 SR Crate Engine 4brl 650cfm Carb and 2,800lbs Minimum Car Weight!
  • Penske or Advanced Racing Suspension (ARS) Adjustable Shock Options!