End of an Era!

As with all good things everything comes to an end! No, RFN Developments is NOT closing it’s doors. That being said, RFN Developments has decided that it’s last content release in February of 2017 will indeed be the final content release in rFactor 1! RFN developments is committed to carrying on the project with the Weekend Warriors Mod, but all future updates and content releases will be on the much newer and improved rFactor 2 simulator. rFactor 2 offers us the ability to deliver all new more advanced features such as changing track conditions with proper rubber groove and marble buildup dynamically based off where cars are running on the racing surface, weather such as rain which also effects track conditions with the rain washing rubber off the track and dry lines forming as rain clears, tire flex which allows the whole tire to flex based off the forces applied to it so side walls can bend and warp, tire deformation and advanced damage allows the tire flex to cause issues to the tire if too much force is applied the tire can remain deformed and this also includes other damage such as flat spotting and uneven wear, and chassis flex allows for all new suspension files to be programmed which allow every moving bar to be rigged for adjustments in the setups allowing for us to program more in depth adjustments into the setup window. On top of all that rFactor 2 is a very pleasant upgrade aesthetically as HDR support is present and also such feature like reflections have been completely reworked to move from static cube map reflections to full dynamic reflection mapping of track surfaces and objects along with cars to ensure that as you race around the track high gloss paint jobs will reflect much more realistically and you will see objects that are actually near the car reflected on it. This decision has seemed like a no-brainer to our staff as we are always pushing the limits to ensure that we always produce the most realistic short track racing content available! With all these new features we could not turn down this opportunity.

For those that also continue to run rFactor 1 we have now added to our downloads page, SVN was used in order to sync files between the end user and our race servers in order to make updating easier for all involved, since now there will no longer be any updates released for the rFactor 1 Weekend Warriors mod we have added a traditional .exe installer that individuals may download if they choose not to use the SVN method to download the mod!

Our league operations side of RFN which is RFN Motorsports may still run rFactor 1 and also the Weekend Warriors mod, but all future work done by RFN Developments to the Weekend Warriors mod will be in rFactor 2. At this time I would like to thank everyone that has supported this mod throughout the years in rFactor 1 and invite you to continue the journey in rFactor 2! rFactor 1 provided a great home for the Weekend Warriors mod, but as with all good things everything does come to an end, the rFactor 1 platform released in 2005 which now makes it 12 years old! Time goes on and technology advances and with it we must do the same! rFactor 2 released in 2013 and even now 4 years later the development team for the simulator itself continues to constantly update the platform with new features being developed as time progresses, so what is a 4 year old platform is still new and technologically advanced today! Thank you to everyone that has helped with the creation of this mod and everyone that has supported it and may the Weekend Warriors mod live long in it’s new home, rFactor 2!

Thank you all,
Brian Johnson
Owner RFN Developments/RFN Motorpsorts

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New Templates!

We have now updated the templates as we prepare to release new 3d models in the Weekend Warriors mod! The link can be found at the bottom of this page in the “Content Releases” widget or on the Weekend Warriors Downloads page on this site! In the words of the great Bob Ross “Happy painting and God bless!”